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Lost at sea: Ecological assessment around a sunken shipping container

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Thousands of shipping containers are lost from cargo vessels each year. Many of these containers eventually sink to the deep seafloor. In 2004, researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) discovered a lost shipping container almost 1,300 meters (4,200 feet) below the surface of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. In the first ever survey of its kind, researchers from MBARI and the Sanctuary recently described how deep-sea animal communities on and around the container differed from those in surrounding areas. The red dots seen in some of the underwater footage are lasers mounted on the remotely operated submersible. The lasers are 29 cm apart and allow the scientists to estimate animal size. Video editor: Kyra Schlining Script and narration: Josi Taylor Production support: James Barry, Kim Fulton-Bennett, Linda Kuhnz, Lonny Lundsten, Nancy Jacobsen Stout, Susan vonThun For more information visit: MBARI press release: http://www.mbari.org/news/news_releases/2014/container-animals/container-animals-release.html Original publication: Taylor, J.R., DeVogelaere, A.P., Burton, E.J., Frey, O., Lundsten, L., Kuhnz, L.A., Whaling, P.J., Lovera, C., Buck, K.R., Barry J.P. (2014) Deep-sea faunal communities associated with a lost intermodal shipping container in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, CA. Marine Pollution Bulletin http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.marpolbul.2014.04.014 Special thanks to Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot (PLANET OCEAN/HOPE PRODUCTION) for the beautiful aerial container footage. http://www.homethemovie.org/en/informations-sur-yann-arthus-bertrand/planet-ocean
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Text Comments (885)
Mtx Jack (30 minutes ago)
Ohh fools bring up this container inside diamond there ....as hole saving deep sea creatures wasting diamond
Anas Kamal (1 day ago)
TGHU ....msc or cosco
WorshipInSong Music (6 days ago)
Very interesting! Related to this I highly recommend reading 'Into The Raging Sea', the true story of the ill-fated cargo ship the El Faro that headed straight into Hurricane Joaquin off San Salvador Island in the Bahamas and sank to 15,000 feet with 100's of shipping containers and automobiles aboard. All 33 crewmembers aboard perished. The book is based on black box recordings of all bridge conversations until the final moments. Additionally the author diligently adds context by delving into owners of the vessel and industry politics surrounding maritime shipping. I think measures can be taken through technology to ensure that some containers can be retrieved quickly, or at least send automatic GPS location so that we can track and evaluate the potential threat to the seafloor ecosystem based on the container contents. But check out the book!!!
Jeff Wood (8 days ago)
If it was found why was it not recovered.
alfo ardi effendi (17 days ago)
Aing teu nyaho mneh ngomong naon, nubalek we atuh hed
waldizestuttgartu (18 days ago)
mafia kryminalisci i bandyci to jest ten wasz caly pojebany kapitalizm
Hanish Sethi (20 days ago)
Can Some one share Link about its research article
edgar helbling (21 days ago)
What an insipid presentation showing nothing just to gain attention. Ships Sink IDIOTS. Not all, but what is your point? Dumb drama queen presentation.
Roger Britt (24 days ago)
What was in it?????????????
richieboy09 (29 days ago)
& then we go & torpedo several old ships & sink them to the bottom. & lets up open the containers & see whats in them.?
luxury carkey720 (1 month ago)
There's millions of dollars in merchandise an cargo laying on the sea floor...
Wendy Zenil (1 month ago)
Puro contaminart el mar con lis contenedores
Че в снутри то???
SinistaN (1 month ago)
So don't try to hitch a ride as a stowaway in a shipping container
Hrothgar O' Dhughaill (1 month ago)
Honestly, Unless there was something hazardous/toxic inside that could potentially leak out, I really dont see this being any worse for the sea than sunken vehicles (Planes, ships, ETC) considering most of them contained at least some remnants of fuel, and most often are also panted. I imagine in time, the steel or what ever the container is made of will either "rot" away and settle on the ocean floor or stay there and become some sort of artificial habitat for the critters, like they seem to be doing already.
Gavin Whitham (1 month ago)
Fucking hell imagine being a refugee hiding out in one of the containers next thing you know you’re at the bottom of the ocean
Jackbnimble Zurc (1 month ago)
🤪😫 I hope theres no illegal people they put inside of those containers....😭😫😩😱
Chad Dentandt (1 month ago)
I was reading about shipping containers over the weekend and found this video. Estimated 1390 containers are lost at sea each year.
laudianys nieves (1 month ago)
I ask if the owner of the cargo should clean it but if some one stills it it does care but because is in the deep ocean doesn't matter .....
Te’ Douglas (1 month ago)
Your supposed to be getting what’s in container out dumb ass someone car is in that container
K.A. Lamar (1 month ago)
Am I hallucinating or is that a face on the sea floor at the 10 sec mark.
100MPH Selfies (1 month ago)
So we all gonna ignore the the whole damn thing is sitting on it corner and in balance? 👀
Matthew Sharp (1 month ago)
This assessment is completely worthless unless we know what's inside. Hazardous material? Electrical components? Fertilizers? Petroleum products? Empty? Painted with lead paint?
WAR BOT (1 month ago)
I guess some of my products are there That i ordered from china n it never came XD rip
WAR BOT (22 days ago)
@Pawankumar Bhosale dickhead cant even take jokes Douchebag
Pawankumar Bhosale (23 days ago)
Non sence
LBOUNCER (1 month ago)
So what they going to do with it then leave the container they're open it up and take what's out of it right there
warren rubin (1 month ago)
Nothing about contents? How about plans to raise it? ?? To be continued
Ermy (1 month ago)
Too expensive to raise Over 1000 car tires
Kevin v. (1 month ago)
Don't we have enough evidence of what happens to metal objects when they lay on the sea floor? I mean after all, ships have been sinking and decaying for years before we started using shipping containers to transport goods. I think a much better use of your resources would be to figure out what impact the CONTENTS of those containers is having on the ecology, because it can't be good.
Hussain Mubarak (1 month ago)
#Uncharted4 😍
he is risen (1 month ago)
The earth is flat NASA equals deception jesus christ is coming soon.
A Knight that says Nee (1 month ago)
Maybe that’s why my mail order wife never showed up.
Dacriz (1 month ago)
I think that the shipping companies claim to the lost cargo expires very quickly. It's fair game for anybody to salvage. Have at it!
THE BOOK OF KENT (1 month ago)
Yeah, like I'm going to believe anything a Californicado says...
Edward Azar (1 month ago)
I dont understand the apparent disregard for immediate removal of the container (potential toxic contents) in favour of some ridiculous scientific research regarding paint on the surface. You can always submerge a similar piece of metal and do research on that. The important thing is to remove this container from the water.
THE BOOK OF KENT (1 month ago)
1381 meters down, dipshit
Mick Carson (1 month ago)
What a fucked up world we have nowadays. All I see is an ecological catastrophe sitting on the sea floor that's gone out of control. China, the biggest industrial mass and their population explosion is destroying this planet at a rate of one year destruction every 5 years. Shame we've come to this mentality of destroying the planet yet we haven't found another one.
Mick Carson (1 month ago)
@THE BOOK OF KENT What a stupid comment. Do you think committing suicide will solve anything, will it save the planet? Stupid comment in my opinion.
THE BOOK OF KENT (1 month ago)
If you feel that strongly, just commit suicide! See what I did there?
Gamerplays360 (1 month ago)
Maybe that’s why my eBay Apple Watch series 3 never showed up and never got my money back
Isaiah Lali (1 month ago)
This is actually how Mr. Krabs found the Krusty Krab😁😁
Johan Fouche (1 month ago)
Oh you also found out its good for the environment. Best is, you talk all around it, not even mentioning that 20 meters outside the container, there is NO life on the sea floor. Fact that the container is there, has given life a spawning ground. How about now in 2019??? can you go back & investigate ? Or are you too busy trying to sell the same blatantly BS agenda as other "environmentalists" ? One day you will see that our impact as humans is really not as negative as folks who want to sell the $0.10 light bulb to you for $5, want you to believe. THERE IS NO!!!!! CARBON PROBLEMS!!!! The moment out atmospheric carbon goes up by another 500 %, plants will love us for it & guess what, the temperature won't rise enough to melt ANYTHING!!!. You will see plants grow much bigger leaves & produce much larger crops....THAT YEAR!!!.... not 5 years later. We as humans and all other animals will still breath & not notice it even if it rises by 2000 %. So guess what hippies...Because you're idiots, money hungry zionists have fooled you into their idiotic cause....WELL DONE!!!! you can all msg. me & I'll print your fucking idiot certificates out for you. You've graduated.
Johan Fouche (1 month ago)
@THE BOOK OF KENT You want to pretend like the whole green industry is NOT a zionist agenda ? You like paying $5.00 for a $0.20 light bulb ? Who do you think the masters of manipulatory ways of money making are ? Where do you think 1/10th to the church/god comes from ? God himself ?
THE BOOK OF KENT (1 month ago)
You were doing okay until you said Zionist, ya schizo....
Adam M (1 month ago)
So spooky
ZiNTiS (1 month ago)
Open that container!!
Eddie O (1 month ago)
Steel belted tires inside.
Glen Mcculley (1 month ago)
Had a buddy work for the railroad rip. I asked what was the coolest thing he found while working there. He said there was a break in on a railcar he discovers a box of nikes I said cool he said yeah but they were all left footed shoes...lol
Trinavara (1 month ago)
ERR...What's inside the container!!?? That could also influence the immediate environment FFS !!
Bruce Romero (1 month ago)
So that's where my skyline gtr went to..
Ermy (1 month ago)
Only the tires Over 1000 of them
Haggen Charman (1 month ago)
Every businessman's nightmare
William Diller (1 month ago)
Oh good! A new crisis for people to fret about and then send money to the ENGOs to help alleviate their fears.
Michael VIENS (1 month ago)
See on these videos I'm not sure whether to thumbs up it or thumbs down it.
Britannia (1 month ago)
I just wanted to know what was inside of the container, just out of curiosity" lol!!
Michael Hughes (1 month ago)
Tires, not much of a problem considering quite a lot off vessels worldwide use old tires as bumpers when docking or anchoring close to other vessels.
Ben Lee (1 month ago)
If you think this is bad there is also nine sunken nuclear submarines around the world
Res (1 month ago)
This reminds me the movie "The Medallion" :D
Taylor Fortin (1 month ago)
Container tracking number state the container had 1,159 steel belted tires inside of it
Love muss B (1 month ago)
I heard that a shipping container lost a load of deloreans bound for USA in the early 80’s whether that true or not
Love muss B (1 month ago)
A Knight that says Nee delorean were made in Northern Ireland,then shipped to the good ole usa
1234 (1 month ago)
Crabs looking at shipping container: Let me in LET ME INNNNNNN!!!
1234 (1 month ago)
What I love about life is that NOTHING is a "waste". Yes it's shitty that we are polluting the Earth, but in some ways it can be a good thing. In this case the container has provided shelter for these creatures. When the container eventually does break dow the tires inside will also provide shelter. Ones man trash is another creatures shelter. That being said don't use this as an excuse... Many animals also die because of trash... I just find it interesting how nature and life has unique ways of making use of everything.
Stefan Pigford (1 month ago)
Splestrie (1 month ago)
Full fathom five thy container lies; Of its bones are coral made.
birchthebirch (1 month ago)
So that's where my knock off chinese supreme shirt went, I've been waiting for 4 months for that!
Really Happenings (1 month ago)
This is where Harbor Freight gets its inventory
Larry Holcomb Jr (1 month ago)
Why not remove it if you know where it is?🤔
ShakespeareCafe (1 month ago)
More environmentally damaging is the container ship pumping out thousands of tons of bunker fuel exhaust. It's a fact that a single mega container ship puts out as much emissions as 50,000,000 cars. A few containers lost on the sea floor is trivial.
Chris H (1 month ago)
Anybody ever crack one of these things open to make sure that it wasn't full of dead bodies still waiting to hear about what happened to those FEMA barges
Leah Bana (1 month ago)
Why not make all the containers magnetic?
Geovanny M. Santana (1 month ago)
As the video states , billions of container are shipped worldwide imagine how much would be to make all this magnetic.
Geovanny M. Santana (1 month ago)
Leah Bana COST
yungtaco (1 month ago)
Wh.. What about the inside...
country boy (1 month ago)
deep sea tax dollar funded maritime documentaries require sponge bob theme music according to strict california legislation.
Kelly O'Reilly (1 month ago)
Maybe my lightly used 15" double sided dildo from Amazon is in there.
el mucho gringo (1 month ago)
there are humañ bodies in containers on the sea floor
Andrew Vincent (1 month ago)
mailman nb (1 month ago)
Kind of like to see one of these, wash up on a shore near me! Could be a nice surprise inside, plus the container for storage!
ck m (1 month ago)
It's remarkable how well the container is holding up after 7 years underwater.
Yo Daddy (1 month ago)
If a container was lost in shallow enough water I’d definitely take some bolt cutters on a dive trip lol
Spadookie (1 month ago)
Yay!! Save the ocean!! Throw Wal Mart in the water.
coc0s (1 month ago)
The diversity is lower around the container because it's leaking fentanyl.
Mike Mike (1 month ago)
Excellent footage !
John Wang (1 month ago)
Not all of the containers sink. Many are navigational hazards particularly to smaller ships. They should require the cargo shippers to invest in the recovery of lost containers starting with the ones that have not sunk.
non asain dude (1 month ago)
Why didint you fucking idiots OPEN IT
Rehoboth Farm (1 month ago)
Here's the info on that container:  https://medium.com/@archeocean/tghu7712262-5568a0e5ae6chttp://www.shippingline.org/track/?type=container&container=tghu7712262&line=textainer&track=Track+container
justin76bmw (1 month ago)
It's full of roundup, de-con and AAA batteries. Shits going to get real when it finally rusts through...
George Hackler (1 month ago)
It's been 5 more years have you guys gone back?
Johan Fouche (1 month ago)
No, they are too scared to admit it actually does good for the environment, just like carbon.
Agnes Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Get those containers out the ocean
All Senses Firing (1 month ago)
THOUSANDS YEARLY..... Just think how much the ocean levels would go down if everything that was down there was pulled up. All ships, all airplanes, containers, all the toxic waste containers disposed of, and probably alot of stuff we'll never know of! Mass underwater takes up space, right?
ryanburbridge (1 month ago)
Lol. I’m not sure you comprehend just how small and insignificant people’s impact on the earth really is.
Drop more containers!
Southeast Angler (1 month ago)
What's inside of the container, is it nuclear waste ? Because that's basically what they do with it.
Actus Reus (1 month ago)
I wonder whats inside it....
finalPattern (1 month ago)
Shut your bitch mouth and just tell us what the f*ck is inside of it you stupid cow.
Yah but what lives inside the container..
yo soy solo (1 month ago)
Queria ber como estaba por dentro
ram bo (1 month ago)
Only in California .... Maybe you should fix your state and worry less about the lost containers
410 Kane (1 month ago)
Crack heads would be out there snorkeling to get them tires. They keep a pair bolt cutters
T C (1 month ago)
She didn't give all the reasons and jumped straight to toxicity. What if they don't like the smooth surfaces and can't grow there? What if they have a symbiotic relationship with a crap that cleans them and the crab needs the rock? What if the current is too strong there? There are hundreds of reasons and they instantly go straight to toxicity.
itsmeyohta (1 month ago)
Strong winter storm? Cali? lolno try coming to the Midwest.
Liz P (1 month ago)
Scary to think people are smuggled in via these sometimes
K K K OK (1 month ago)
Few hundreds of years people will wonder what it is and what is written in it
Craig Kaschan (1 month ago)
They should make shipping companies lash them down it would be a great deal more work but better for our planet.
Вот означает кто абкрадует кантэйнир . приходят пустыми !
YW L (1 month ago)
For anyone who wants to know whats inside. Its steel belted tires
JUST COOL (1 month ago)
All I want to know what's in the container?
skliros (1 month ago)
Jesus christ. Tell us what's inside!
Carl Spackler (1 month ago)
Uh 235/70/17 ??
skliros (1 month ago)
@Carl Spackler what size?
Carl Spackler (1 month ago)
1,159 tires.
Addison Palko (1 month ago)
Crack the door and 1000 love dolls come floating to surface with wide open mouths in surprise. Monterey ship took one on board for “investigative” purposes.🤯🦄👊🙈🥥
Mugen (1 month ago)
Your brain is broke
Jessica Renee (1 month ago)
Carl Spackler (1 month ago)
1,159 tires.

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