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Henry Jackman - First Class [X-Men : First Class]

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"Henry Jackman - First Class" from "X-Men : First Class" rdirected by Matthew Vaughn. Follow us on : Twitter : https://twitter.com/NephSanctuary Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nephilim-Sanctuary/366091966854462 All wallpaper right here : http://nephilimsanctuarysoundtrack.imgur.com/ Audio Visualizer by Mocarg
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Text Comments (18)
Piotr Klopotowski (13 days ago)
This theme is better than Hans Zimmer - Gap!)
M.K.M. (5 months ago)
It's just so hard to believe this film is almost eight years old....
Madan sharma (10 months ago)
I love this music so much Henry sir has made a song which can never be imagine great work and yes from bottom of my heart thanks for this song
LupusAries (1 year ago)
This Mountain...........
yuong1979 (1 year ago)
This made me benchpress 20 pounds more. Or maybe Magneto was around.
vantapandemic (1 year ago)
great work Henry Jackman greetings from germany
Mushahid Ali (2 years ago)
Will it bring any copyright strikes if I use this in my videos..?
exxinferis24 (2 years ago)
not exactly as epic as the 90's cartoon but close really close
Shurik Ozerov (2 years ago)
Blood Brothers brought me here .-.
funny rocks (2 years ago)
when i listen to this why do i picture someone building?... like a great project
Cj Kalandek (3 years ago)
Out of all the superhero movie scores Henry Jackman has done, this is the only one that stands out to me.
exxinferis24 (3 years ago)
mutant and proud
Najah Daniels (3 years ago)
greatest soundrack heard so far plus mutant and proud but a good movie always come with a good soundtrack
Arnaiyus (3 years ago)
"For the True Horde!"
LamiaSage (3 years ago)
Goosebumps... all over my body <3
Alex Silva (4 years ago)
I love this theme! Is so heroic and beautiful... Is one of my favorite themes of all time!
starkiller2099 (5 years ago)
This theme is amazing and so was the Movie

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