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The Refreshments - Good News Travels Fast

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LadyWriter 1968 (7 months ago)
I am in a great musical mood now
David Osborne (1 year ago)
These guys have a brilliant chemistry. Love em! Come to USA!
nando ketchu (1 year ago)
Really good one, remembre the Jerry lee version si nice to!
Nigel Brown (2 years ago)
sounds bloody brill, i like it
Jos van der Gun (2 years ago)
Kjell-Arne Ferm (2 years ago)
No its Johan Blohm. Mr JB
Sándor Nagy (4 years ago)
IantheWoodcraftsman (4 years ago)
I wonder if a DVD is available of this concert?? I'd sure like to get one!!  Great music -- these guys are as good any 50's band
Eva Gregory (4 years ago)
Great one by JOHAN!!!
Tack för mycket bra musik

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